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BWServices - are ethical search engine optimisers based in Worcestershire in the UK. We only run a small SEO business, but as you have probably just found us via a search engine, you have proof that search engine optimisation does actually work. We are not some big company paying thousands to the search engines to get found. You no doubt found our site on the natural search results on Google and not on the sponsored links?

As only a small company our main policy is to look after you, the customer, and your site. We feel the personal touch is being lost amongst the vast internet companies that offer you their services via the web, but fail to deliver. We can hopefully redress that. The internet is now, apparently, more effective in getting new business than television or newspaper advertising. IF PEOPLE CAN FIND YOU! We have been optimising sites for other internet companies for many years prior to launching our own site to enable better contact with you, the site owner. We can almost certainly get your website a higher position on all the major search engines.

All our work is done manually, including your site submission to the search engines. (As advised by all the top search engines) Which improves your search engine ranking. Search engine optimisation of your web site does increase your chances to rank highly! Therefore we will improve the position of your website. Higher search engine ranking can be obtained if your web site is properly optimised!

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, SEO for short, will get your web site a better ranking. As professional search engine optimisers, or if you prefer the American spelling, optimizers, can get your website found. Optimisation actually works for most websites but try to avoid using things like flash, frames, or layers if you want your website to rank highly. These types of sites are very pretty but the search engines don't index them particularly well. As you will probably have noticed our website is very plain but has plenty of content which is what all the search engines prefer. Content is King, pretty is great as long as you get business from it otherwise why bother with all that expense. One problem most owners have is that they have already paid for a fancy website and they want to keep the same look and feel, this is sometimes impossible, if you want to rank high on the search engines. We will advise of any problems we forsee before undertaking optimisation of any website. If you do not have a website yet we can advise about design issues or problems prior to your website being built. We can also offer a very good web design services if you require this, plus cheap hosting.

Search Engine Optimizers

If you prefer, do your own search engine optimisation:-
Your website can still achieve a high ranking and possibly get a number one position using the
Search Engine Optimisation Tips available on my website. These tips will advise you how optimise your site properly and how to get your site ranked higher on the Google site ranking or P/R. These optimisation tips will help your site gain a higher position on all the major search engines..............

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Whilst you are thinking ........"shall I ask for a FREE analysis." Your competitors, ranked higher on the search engines, are getting the enquires, and the business. Instead of you! We cannot guarantee getting your site to the top of Google but will do our utmost. Any ethical search optimisation company SHOULD tell you the same. SEO companies claiming they "GUARANTEE" to get your site a top ranking, should be avoided.

We will send you a Free Search Engine Report about your website. If the site is search engine friendly and everything is ok, then we'll tell you so, yes we're honest and not just after your money.

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With the increase of people using the internet it is imperative your website achieves a high ranking on the all the major search engines. Small companies are getting lost in cyberspace but we can help to get your website found by all your potential customers.
We know we can improve your ranking on all the search engines. We have done it for all the sites we have optimised. Unfortunately there are only two guarantees in life "Death and Taxes" so why waste a lot of money having a website if no-one can find it. Let us optimise your site to improve your search engine position, and get it ranked higher, where people can find you and your business.

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