Search Engine Optimisation Tips

How to optimise your website for the search engines.

A Short SEO Tutorial:

Your page content is always the highest priority for the search engines, Google do not, apparently, put too much emphasis on keywords or description; although the smaller search engines do. The page title is particularly relevant and probably one of the most important factors to all search engines and should include relevance to your keywords, description, and page content.

The title can be found in the <head></head> tags in your source code, usually at the top. E.g. <title>Search engine optimisation tips </title> It is recommended by the search engines to keep the length of the title to under 80 characters including spaces. The title is displayed in your browser at the very top, for instance the title for this page is "Search engine optimisation tips | Search engine ranking specialists".

Header tags are important in the page content eg. <H1> to <H6>, the H1 tag being the most important. Words in “bold” <b></b> or <strong></strong> tags, are also important. The search engines robots are programed to highlight these as being important to the viewer of the site. The search engine algorithms trawl sites to draw out text content on a site and to lesser extent the unseen meta tags, even though these tags are still needed.

Do not use hidden text as this can result in your site being blacklisted or banned from the search engines. If your web site does get banned it is extremely difficult to get the search engines to re-index your site. Hidden text is usually where someone uses the same colour text as the background colour, and the only reason for this is to attempt to fool the search engines, which you can for a short time, until someone notices, then your site will get banned. Only use what are known as "white hat" techniques. Check out Google guidelines if you are not sure. If you use "black hat" techniques then you are likely to get blacklisted from the search engines. This includes doorway pages, these are pages that are there just to fool the search engines to get a higher ranking but have no real relevancy to the site. Also don't use the same content or copy someone elses content because they rank higher than you.

Don’t cram your pages with search words or phrases, the content on your pages should make sense to the reader, or viewer of the site. Google will also rank your site dependent on how many other sites link to yours. These links should preferably be relevant to the information or product your site is promoting. If other popular sites link to yours this is seen that your site is worth visiting. Although now it would appear that if your site has a good PR (PageRank) on Google people just want a link to promote their own website. The linking idea seemed to be a good idea but it now appears to be getting out of hand with with some site owners manipulating the search engines by getting thousands of irrelevant links just to increase their PR.
To get a successful web site, make it a useful for your visitors. Links to your web site are important for a high search engine ranking. Try to get links from other web sites that are related to your site and provide links to other web sites that could be useful to your visitors. That linking strategy will bring you targeted visitors from other sites, it can also get your site a higher PR if it's really important to you.

Optimise your page content for your visitors, then for the search engines. Optimised web pages achieve higher search engine rankings than pages that are not optimised. A web site with useful content, good design and incoming links will bring better results.

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